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  • Sliske's Endgame


    Quest: Death of Chivalry, The, One of a Kind, Nomad's Elegy, Kindred Spirits, Hero's Welcome, Children of Mah

    Items: Good combat equipment (food, armor, and potions).


    2 Treasure Hunter keys, five 250k xp lamps, Ring of Whispers, Necklace of Shadows, a Sliske bobblehead pet, as well as 3 off-hand items: Farmer's Catalyst fragment , Hunter's Catalyst fragment, and Runecrafter's Catalyst fragment which can be made into a Combined Catalyst fragment.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 3.

    19.99 USD
  • Shield of Arrav


    Skills: None

    Quests: None

    Reward:600gpQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.35 USD
  • Shadow of the Storm


    Quests: Demon Slayer, The Golem

    Skills: Level 30 Crafting

    Reward:Darklight Sword10,000 exp in a combat skill of your choice.Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Sheep Herder


    Items:100 gp


    3100 gp

    Quest points gained upon completion:4

    3.99 USD
  • Sea Slug


    Skills: Level 30 firemaking.

    Reward:Some Oyster Pearls7,175 fishing expQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.99 USD
  • Shades Of Mort'ton



    Levels: Level 15 Herblore, 20 Crafting and ability to kill five level 40 monsters

    Quests: Priest in Peril

    Reward:2,000 herblore exp (extra herblore exp if you use the diary on the Apothecary in Varrock)2,000 crafting expQuest points gained upon completion: 3

    4.81 USD
  • Salt in the Wound


    Skills: 60 Defence, 50 Constitution, 47 Herble, 45 Summoning, 35 Dungeoneering

    Reward:Thormac the Sorcerer will enchant battle staves for you (costs 40,000 gp)6,625 strength exp Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    5.65 USD
  • Scorpion Catcher


    Skills: Level 31 Prayer

    Reward:Thormac the Sorcerer will enchant battle staves for you (costs 40,000 gp)6,625 strength exp  Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Rune Mechanics


    Quests: Rune Mysteries, Wolf Whistle

    Skills: Level 27 Magic, Level 25 Construction, Level 20 Runecrafting

    Reward:900 Construction XP2300 Magic XP1850 Runecrafting XPRune Guardian petQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Rune Memories


    Quest: Rune Mysteries


    First tower robes, 300 Magic and Runecrafting xp, Access to Archmage Sedridor personal rune essence chest, 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.

    After you finish the quest, and have at least 50 Magic and 50 Prayer, then ascend to the second floor of Wizards' Tower and speak to Lesser Demon to get either 10K Prayer or Magic XP.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1.

    4.25 USD
  • Rune Mysteries



    Reward:Access to the Rune Essence Mines.An Air TalismanQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    3.27 USD
  • Royal Trouble


    Skills: Level 40 Agility, Level 40 Slayer

    Quests: Throne of Miscellania

    Reward:20,000 gold pieces5,000 Agility, Slayer and Hitpoints experienceAbility to make the citizens collect farming seeds or mahogany and/or teak when you are managing your kingdom.Increased resources from MiscellaniaAbility to gain town favour by: cutting teak/mahogany trees, or helping the Etceterian farmer by giving his north patch compost, raking his middle patch, or watering his south patch.Quest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Rum Deal


    Skills: Level 40 Farming, Level 50 Fishing, Level 47 Prayer, Level 42 Crafting, Level 42 Slayer

    Quests: Zogre Flesh Eaters

    Reward:Holy Wrench7000 Prayer Experience7000 Fishing Experience7000 Farming ExperienceQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    4.81 USD
  • Rocking Out


    Quests: The Great Brain Robbery

    Skills: Level 60 Agility, Level 63 Thieving, Level 66 Crafting, Level 69 Smithing

    Reward:25000 Thieving Experience25000 Smithing Experience25000 Crafting Experience25000 Agility ExperienceFree access to the Agility ArenaThe ability to catch pirate implingsThe ability to steal from Customs lockersAbility to keep an ex-ex-parrot petQuest points gained upon completion: 2

    6.74 USD
  • Roving Elves


    Quests: Regicide and Waterfall Quest.

    Skills: Must be able to defeat a level 84 without weapons, runes or armour.

    Advantage skills: Level 40-43 prayer (protect from missiles & protect from Melee).

    Reward:Choice of a used crystal bow or shield10,000 strength expQuest points gained upon completion: 1

    4.81 USD
  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat



    The Temple at Senntisten, While Guthix Sleeps, Hazeel Cult, Enakhra's Lament, The Slug Menace, Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift, Rocking Out, A Tail of Two Cats, Fight Arena


    Level 77 AgilityLevel 76 CraftingLevel 76 Mining

    About 1M will be spent.


    110K agility xp,60K constitution xp, 40K crafting xp, 40K mining xp, 3 xp lamps*80K.

    Access to mine bane ore, the lunar spell Tune Bane Ore, make bane arrows and bolts.

    The ability to gain combat bonuses in certain areas.

    Access to fight Glacors, craft Armadyl Runes, create an Armadyl battle staff to enhance the Storm of Armadyl spell.

    Gain a bonus 3000 prayer xp.

    Quest Point: 3

    17.14 USD

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